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The human being is a spiritual being by nature, experiencing life on this earth in a physical body. We, each of us, are actually full of light - light is what we are made of. This spiritual substance (light) is Satchitananda (Conscious blissful being or existence). Within its nature is Truth, Freedom, Love, Wisdom, Compassion, and Complete Well-Being. If one is not truly happy, at peace, fulfilled, experiencing blissful well-being and has not realized Love without condition; one's True-Nature is obscured. To the degree one is not experiencing the above - to that degree the obscuration. Obscurations are caused by past impressions in the form of traumas, conflicting negative emotions, and the memories thereof. It is clearing these varied, often deep-seated, obscurations that is the focus of the Karma Clearing Sessions in particular, and in general - all the work that is offered here.

This website, and all it offers, is dedicated to and works toward the personal spiritual realization and healing of all who use it as a vehicle for such.


God, I humbly ask for your blessings to purify my psycho-physical field and restore me to my natural condition of Love, Peace, Joy and Wisdom!


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