The Caitanya Ecological Foundation



Now you can give generously and get tax breaks.  Send in your money and land!  We will protect them.  Visit our donation page to give help in a variety of ways (donation of money, membership, and donation of skills, equipment or property).  At present our hopes of rehabilitating that lovely building pictured below have all but faded.  Kindly lend a hand if you can.

Old Kirksville Highschool Building


We want to renovate this building using the most up-to-date, ecologically sound technologies.  Once renovated, it will become the headquarters of the Caitanya Ecological Foundation.  It will also house a book and gift store, classrooms for various classes and seminars, a vegetarian restaurant, a theater for dramatic performances, concerts, public lectures, and the showing of art films, an art gallery and studio, and inexpensive studio apartments for students.  It will eventually also have a health spa.  These are some of the possibilities for this building.  We need help, however.  Please visit our donation page and help us acquire and fix up this building in one of the ways described there.

mornign shade