Many of us do Laksmi worship at some time or other. In homes and businesses it's common to see a deya burning before her image . .a lamp offering so that the devotee become blessed with wealth. Divali is centered around her worship. Durga is worshiped for favors within this world. Saraswati is adored for knowledge. Whenever students are sitting exams, puja is done. So the worship of  shakti is of prime importance in our  lives. Gods like Ram, Krishna, or Narayan are never adored without their female counterparts.

However, we note that not much puja is done to Devi Radha. This practice is exclusive to Radha Krishna bhaktas and the residents of Vrindaban. Her activities are mostly concealed and rarely mentioned in scriptures The function of devi Radha is not to grant material favors, although she personally serves her unalloyed devotees. The secret about her, you must know, is that she is the female form of Krishna. She has sprung from his left side, so there is no difference between Radha and Krishna. It is hellish to see them as separate from each other.

Durga, Laksmi and Saraswati are all digits that emanate from Devi Radha but it is she who is the original female force in existence. Devi Radha is the presiding deity of prana. She is the cause of life, and the original mother of us all. Her form is very youthful and composed of prema or love of Krishna. However it is she who has manifested as Parbati, daughter of the Himalaya. She resides as passion in the devas and she protects the three worlds. She is the presiding deity of all.

Laksmi, born of Radha's left side is the deity of wealth. She is the wife of Maha Vishnu who sleeps in the ocean of milk, and Vishnu who resides in Vaikuntha. She has become Saraswati the wife of Brahma, and Swarga Laksmi the prosperity of Indra in heaven.
Laksmi is wealth, present in this world and in every household. During creation Radha is called Ishwari. It is she who is the mother of Maha Vishnu, therefore she is the source of all creation.

The same fruits gained by worshiping Radha for a short time will be gained by worshiping Krishna for a long time. Chanting of her name makes one become very dear to Krishna, and destroys the worst sins. Only those who she favors gets devotion to Krishna. Whoever receives her darshan achieves prema, for she embodies it. So we should all try to remember Radha whose worship is greater even than that of Krishna.
One can repeat Radha's name by saying Jai Sri Radhe, singing it or saying it in greeting, or saying Jai Radha Shyam, as an alternative to Namaste.

Jai Radhe Shyam