Fate and being protected by Krishna

By understanding the role of destiny, one becomes peaceful. These teachings are extracted from the Narad Pancharatrika.

Once a brahmin and his son were returning from a marriage and were passing through a jungle. The boy wanted to
stop and bathe and look for some eatables when the father expressed fear.

"Oh son, this place is very dangerous, let us go to the next village." he said.

The angry boy chastised his father, "I am only ten years old and you should be instructing me. Why is an aged
man like you talking like a child, without taking any notice of that which is called Fate ?

Whatever is ordained by the creator cannot be averted even by Vishnu or Shiva. Understanding of this truth
makes one happy and successful in life.  There are some who sleep in the jungles protected by Krishna, and
there are those dying in their homes due to fate.

There are persons who sleep on snakes, and even though bitten by them do not die, and there are those who die
through bad luck though in the company of Garuda.

Persons do not die in oceans, fire or from poison, it's only their longevity that protects them.

Some die in  the womb, some die after being born, some die in old age.

Some become king of kings, some insects, some take birth as animals, all this occurs by virtue of karma.

Some make presents of gems and jewels, some exist by begging.

Some wear silks, others torn clothes.

Some go naked, some without food, others drink nectar.

Some are beautiful, others are lepers.

Some are deformed, deaf, blind, some black, some fair, and some again get rare devotion to Krishna.

It is that Krishna who pervades everywhere and protects all, and by his will he sports.

Mahadeva meditates on him.

Indra worships him always.

Saraswati chants his hymns always.

Laxmi serves his feet.

Durga praises him.

The saints and bhaktas all praise him and call him Brahman.  So father please remember and worship him, the God
of all immortals, for will he who is protecting all beings movable and immovable not save us ?"

This is a very valuable lesson in helping one give up restlessness and unneccesary endeavour. When one
realises that his happiness or misery has been preordained, then it is easier to focus on Krishna meditation,
which is the easiest way of gaining auspiciousness. Therefore a few hours each day should be dedicated to
Krishna whether one is experiencing happiness or distress. These conditions are dependent on one's karma, but
Krishna bhajan is transcendental and will take one above these dualities which keep fluctuating at every

Jai Radhe  - Krishna !